Pixel Shop GmbH is European wholesalers specializing in the distribution of computer components.

Over the years, we’ve successfully expanded our product line to include a wide variety of brand name computer component.

We’d like to revise the old adage of buy low, sell high. We feel that a better way is to buy low and sell low. Selling low creates opportunity and loyalty from our customers. It is our goal to enable resellers around the world to grow their business profitably and make Pixel Shop their preferred destination

With excellent sales representative and great product knowledge we are able to provide customers with valuable information with regards to the ever changing technology market.

We endeavour to provide an efficient and high standard of service to our customers.

Our vision for the future is to build on our successful platform which we have established and continue to provide and excellent service to all those involved with Pixel Shop. Our goal is to provide top quality products to our customers at competitive prices